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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I just heard a story on the radio about a small business owner who, after struggling to keep their doors open for the last four years, has decided to sell their business due to the bleek outlook of our economy. What a sad day for small business owners everywhere.

The farmer and I are small business owners ourselves and this story couldn't help but make me a little fearful. What do the next four years hold for us? I know one thing, that God is sovereign over all and He is in control. I rest in that. However, the mother, wife and sinner in me can't help but wonder is it really going to be ok?

I also know that while the great state of Wisconsin didn't vote the way I had hoped, we did regain majority in the state senate and maintained a majority in the state assembly - oh and we have this awesome guy named Scott Walker as our governor. So I guess yesterday wasn't a total loss. Hopefully that will be enough for our small businesses to hang on for the next four years.

The farmer has gone so far to joke that in the event that the nation defaults on it's debt (projected national debt when Obama gets out of office in 2016 is over $25 Trillion) we will be fortunate that we own the amount of land that we do and we will just farm to sustain our life. I mean is this really what the American dream has come to? Farming the land as to sustain your family? The content, God-fearing, scripture believing, born-again Christian in me says that would be just fine and God would provide as necessary and we would be just fine. The shop-aholic, cash hungry, fast-food loving human in me says HECK NO. Farm? For real? Nuh-uh.

In the wake of this election I'm obviously just having some extreme feelings. I'm sure everything (for the most part) will be fine, just mediocre to sub-par, as opposed to getting back on track and jump starting the economy like we had hoped.

I really don't want to go to work tonight. I have far too many friends on "the other side". And just to set the record straight, had things turned out differently last night...I did not plan on rubbing in it anyone's face, I had decided that I was going to say nothing. After Scott Walker was elected not once, but TWICE, I said nothing. I did not rub it in anyone's face, I silently celebrated our victory to myself.

I understand from "the otherside" it may seem that we can get whiny and we may seem like sore losers but you know what, in Dr. Phil's words, "it doesn't matter how flat you make a pancake, it still has two sides!" After Scott Walker was elected here in WI, democrats went so far as to destroy the capital with stand ins and protests and they cost us so much tax dollars to clean and fix up after that whole mess-simply because they didn't like what they heard. Not to mention the 14 cowards that left the state all together. So you want to call Republicans sore losers and cowards - think again. AND all the money spent in another election - WHEN HE ALREADY WON, fair and square. So don't talk to me about being a sore loser or being whiny, ok? Mitt Romney accepted his defeat and congratulated the president. I'm not trying to dis the president but I wonder had things turned out differently if there would have been a concede from President Obama or would they have turned once again to recounts and recalls. Just food for thought.

...mmm, food. I'm starving.

Well, until next time on the farm, here's to moving "forward"...at least in Wisconsin.

-The Farmer's Wife