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Welcome to my blog. I'm a full-time mommy of a 4-year-old & a 0-year-old, part-time waitress and a rookie blogger. Living on a farm with my son, daughter and husband among dogs, chickens, ducks and other various wildlife keeps life interesting and anything but normal!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Slight Obsession

So I discovered I may have a slight obsession with blue jeans. I was trying to find a pair to wear and when I was digging through my pile I decided it would be fun to fold and stack them all up.

Bad News: I think I'm obsessed
Good News: Most of them are designer and I paid NO WHERE near retail for them!

Thanks to good-ole Goodwill, a lot of them I paid only $4.99 for! (1 pair of Guess jeans from Goodwill I did splurge and pay $8.99 for-TOTALLY worth it.)

I've tried telling myself when I enter Goodwill that I do not need to look at the jeans because I have a zillion pair, but somehow I always leave with at least 2 new pairs. But I mean, really-who can resist designer jeans for $4.99 or less?

Shopping Tip: Sunday and Monday (at my local Goodwill, at least) are 50% off tag days. I always try to go on one of these days. The color tag changes each week but whatever you can find with a certain color pricetag  is 50% off! So that means some of my jeans I only paid $2.50 for!! Now that's what I call a great deal!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Work in Progress

Well, I attempted another makeover with one of my thrift-store finds. I'm not entirely pleased with it, but thought I would share anyways. Here's the creepy picture I bought at Goodwill for $4.99 (I was feeling generous, afterall we are "Supporting the Mission") I don't think this thing was worth that...but I know it's hard to find large frames for cheap, so I caved. I thought it had hidden potential, now I'm not so sure.  

 Creepy...right? I mean really...

Like I said, I had high hopes, thought there was major hidden potential with the frame (not the picture, of course) So disected it, got rid of the creepy kiddos and besides the weird old lady smell I was pretty excited. Well I painted it black, and got really excited about Modge Podge and that pretty floral paper I used on my side table...Ya know that saying "too much of a good thing" well, I think that applies here. 

Talk about way too much floral. That line I talked about in my last post between country and old-lady...I've officially crossed it! So back to the drawing board. I did come up with an interim solution because the flowers were creeping me out (not quite as much as the weird little kids) and so this is where I am...

And so, here's to figuring out what I'm going to do with my no-so-cute frame. But hey, it's better than what I started with...I'm sure I'll come up with something. Play-date in the morning, maybe I'll talk to my sister-in-law crafting genius, I bet she'll have a fabulous idea for it!

GOOD NIGHT! Happy crafting. ♥Angela

Thursday, September 22, 2011

From Drab to Fab!

 Goodwill is one of my new obsessions. I'm a crazy shopper who has a husband who's crazy about sticking to a budget, so Goodwill has helped us to meet somewhere in the middle. I buy most of my clothes and shoes there, I absolutely buy all Donny's clothes there because the things he wears he ruins and I figure if he doesn't like it, I didn't waste a ton of money on it! Best of both worlds. I have been starting to venture out into purchasing items for home decor at Goodwill. I'm pretty cautious because I do like to have a "country" feel to my home, but I really don't want to cross the line into old lady/grandma. The great thing about Goodwill is you can buy something hideous and old and make it into something trendy and new! I'm just beginning my crafting journey, although I've always enjoyed doing crafts and making things with my hands...I've never really gotten into it from a decorating perspective. For some reason, I've just been feeling extra inspired recently. It probably has a lot to do with my sister-in-law, who's a crafting genious and always has something new and adorable in her home that she made! So anyways...I think my first attempt to re-make one of my thrift-store finds turned out pretty fabulous!

ENTER: old, warn side table {$6.99}

This little guy caught my eye as soon as I saw it! It had quite a bit of wear, but tons of charm and for $6.99-you can't go wrong! (I have found that Goodwill can be weird with their prices, for instance today I had my eye on  a couple of matching little wooden frames that couldn't have been bigger than 4x6 and they wanted $3.99 each for them-which I think is a crime, I probably wouldn't have paid more than $0.99 for them...so if you want a good deal be careful about the pricetag-even at Goodwil!)

A few crafting supplies (some of which I even had laying around the house) and a new drawer pull from World Market {love that store} and I had a totally new table that will look fantastic in my country-kitchen!

Sanded and spray painted the whole table {FREE}
I found my hubby's stash of spray paint in the barn -SCORE

Modge-podged the drawer front & bottom shelf with a pretty pattern scrap-book paper from JoAnn's {$1.18}
I only had to buy the paper, only needed 2 whole sheets, the Modge Podge I had left over from a past project

New drawer pull from World Market {$3.99}
I debated using the old hardward from the peice, but I figured I had so little invested in this project, I could spring for a fancy matching pull-and SO glad I did, it turned out fab

Total Investment {$12.16}

Now I'll be searching my local thrift stores for an old pitcher in a pattern that compliments the floral pattern on the table. Wishing now that I could go through some of my Grandma Nordlie's things because I just know she would have something that would go perfectly with this table!

Until next time (which judging by my previous post could be a while) happy thrifting! Farewell from the farm...