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Friday, September 30, 2011

Slight Obsession

So I discovered I may have a slight obsession with blue jeans. I was trying to find a pair to wear and when I was digging through my pile I decided it would be fun to fold and stack them all up.

Bad News: I think I'm obsessed
Good News: Most of them are designer and I paid NO WHERE near retail for them!

Thanks to good-ole Goodwill, a lot of them I paid only $4.99 for! (1 pair of Guess jeans from Goodwill I did splurge and pay $8.99 for-TOTALLY worth it.)

I've tried telling myself when I enter Goodwill that I do not need to look at the jeans because I have a zillion pair, but somehow I always leave with at least 2 new pairs. But I mean, really-who can resist designer jeans for $4.99 or less?

Shopping Tip: Sunday and Monday (at my local Goodwill, at least) are 50% off tag days. I always try to go on one of these days. The color tag changes each week but whatever you can find with a certain color pricetag  is 50% off! So that means some of my jeans I only paid $2.50 for!! Now that's what I call a great deal!


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