Hello There...

Welcome to my blog. I'm a full-time mommy of a 4-year-old & a 0-year-old, part-time waitress and a rookie blogger. Living on a farm with my son, daughter and husband among dogs, chickens, ducks and other various wildlife keeps life interesting and anything but normal!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mommy Insomnia

Well, it's 12:48 am and I was laying in bed with a coughing toddler in the other room (our walls are like paper) and a snoring steamboat lying next to me (the farmer). Ever since I started blogging, my mind thinks in blog posts. It's ridiculous. All I could think about was what I would blog about if I had the chance. So here I sit.

I've been dreaming up a new blog I'd like to start. I think I would call it High Fashion on a Low Budget. My sister somewhat put me up to it. But since I've become addicted to Pintrest and all the cute fashioney things that are now pinned on my boards, I have wanted so badly to thrift and create those high fashion looks with my really small budget. So I think I"m going to try that...maybe that will be next week's project.

Also, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, Christmas will be here before we know it. Yikes! My brain has also been thinking in "Christmas Letter". The first year I did a letter it came so naturally to me, the things I wrote about, my "style" and I even got a number of sincere compliments from people saying they really enjoyed it. That just put the pressure on to top myself the next year and the year after that. So with another letter approaching, I have started to feel that "pressure" to top myself once again.

So my brain is on over-drive and there's no way that sleep is in my near future. As the millions of thoughts raced through my head, I was reminded of a sweet friend's status on Facebook today..."Can't sleep? Instead of counting sheep, why not talk to the Shepherd." All I can say is wow. What a great reminder; thanks, Kayla. So I'm signing off to go pray and be with the "Shepherd" because we all know that counting sheep just never works.

Good Night. ♥

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Endless Shrimp

I had a delightful date night with the farmer tonight.

We dined on shrimp until our bellies could take no more. It was delicious! I can't remember the last time I was at Red Lobster. Our waitress was wonderful. My margarita was gigantic and my toddler was well-cared for at Grandma Sharon's. We even snagged a couple "to-go" boxes with shrimp for tomorrow! Now, time for some snuggling over the Office re-runs on channel 18. That's what I call the perfect end to a perfect date night.

Good Night, from the farm.