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Welcome to my blog. I'm a full-time mommy of a 4-year-old & a 0-year-old, part-time waitress and a rookie blogger. Living on a farm with my son, daughter and husband among dogs, chickens, ducks and other various wildlife keeps life interesting and anything but normal!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ready to go!

Well, here I sit, once again, after having not blogged for what seems to be an eternity - attempting another post. I just re-read the last two posts about our beloved Lola. We still miss her so. It's hard to believe it's been almost 4 moths since we said good-bye. The farmer has been researching tirelessly to determine her exact breed. We always assumed she was German Shepherd but he thinks now that she was probably some other breed (the exact name escapes me right now).

Now that Spring has finally decided to show up it's even harder not to have our precious pup. She loved Spring. She would lay in the garden beds as the farmer would plant them, she played fetch and swam in the pond. It was so fun to finally get out after the long winter and play with her. Of course there's Reggie - as annoying as he is - he does fetch and swim, but it's just not the same. He is still the same ol' Reg. Attention span that lasts all of 9 seconds, he pees on EVERYTHING, sneaks into the house any chance he gets to tear apart the garbage. The only thing that's different is he doesn't run away nearly as much as he used to.

But the good news (at least for us humans) is that while we endured the sadness of saying good bye to our sweet Lola, we get to welcome a new sweet girl into our lives in just a few short weeks! Our baby girl can safely come any day now - although with the way my impatience is going I'm sure she'll take her sweet time and make her mamma wait! I'm so ready to meet this baby, and right now the only thing that has me being somewhat patient is that for whatever reason an April birthday doesn't really appeal to me. I would much prefer she have a May birthday. However, not Mother's Day. That would not be cool. I mean, ironic, yes ... but to spend Mother's Day in the hospital...not so much.

I have been stocking up and nesting like CRAZY! One of my latest hobbies includes extreme couponing. It's pretty ridiculous actually. I'm amazed at the deals I can get. I've always been a bargain shopper, but this takes it to a whole new level.  I mean I'm getting hundreds of dollars worth of stuff for next to nothing. It's kind of a science and I feel like I've gotten a pretty good understanding of it - thanks to a friend and her awesome Facebook page that posts all the helpful tips on current sales and hot coupons that are out. The farmer really hasn't said too much about it, because I think even he's impressed (secretly) with how much stuff I can get for so little. I won't ever pay for Bounce dryer sheets again, I know that for sure! I'll be getting 9 more boxes for FREE tomorrow. Actually my latest "haul" that I have planned out - assuming it all goes as planned - I should get everything for FREE make $10 in overage toward other things in my cart and get paid anywhere from $15-25 in gift cards from Target. I'm a little nervous, because it might not go as planned...but that's the "extreme" part - LOL it's kind of a gamble.

I digress...I'm having a baby in less than a month! I've been having contractions like crazy-and they've actually worked! At my 37 week appointment I was already 1 cm/50%. Which is way more than I could say for my first pregnancy. I am really hoping my doc will strip my membranes on Thursday. Maybe that'll get this little bean movin. I'm just so ready to be done that it's really not even funny. I think I'm totally ready-except for the fact that my house is less than sparkly clean - it's not in the worst shape ever, but I do have higher hopes than it's current condition by the time I go into labor. My bags are packed AND in the car...so I don't even have to think when I go into labor, just get in the car and GO. I do have to pack a small bag for the farmer, I was going to include snacks this time because the poor thing was STARVED half to death last time. I just picked up nursing bras, nursing pads, lanolin cream, and other "new mommy" essentials today at Target.
SIDE NOTE: now that I'm an "extreme couponer" it's really hard to go to Target and spend $88 - even if it's on things I need - because I'm just so used to getting my total down to below $20 that it's depressing to have to spend so much money. Technically today I bought a pillow for the nursery that cost $35, the lanolin cream was $10 and the nursing bra was $15...so I guess the fact that I got 2 pair of shorts for the farmer, 2 really nice razors (Schick Intuition), pacifiers, 3 boxes of Bounce sheets, baby spoons and two snacks for Jack for the other $28 is pretty impressive, no?

Again, I digress...The nursery is totally done and ready, thanks to the farmer and his handiness! I have to admit I was skeptical that it wouldn't get done in time, but he was right - in his infinite wisdom - it got done. And it looks great. There's a chevron wall, ombre dresser, old-fashioned rocking chair - it's exactly the chic nursery that I wanted! It's funny because 4 years ago if I would have had a girl, the nursery would have been like bright neon pink with flowers and pink everywhere! Who'da thunk I would have picked grey and peach for a girl nursery? But I  LOVE it. Seriously, it couldn't be more perfect.

I even got a mani-pedi yesterday. That was awesome and a much needed treat! My feet are incredibly swollen and just fat in general, but they are well manicured and pink! So when I'm pushing I'll atleast have my cute toes to look at, right? So pretty much I'm ready. Nursery, check. Bags packed, check. Carseat installed, check. Mani-pedi, check. House clean ... ... ...Ok, well I'm almost ready.

Now I'm just ready to give birth and have a glass of wine. I can't wait to see this baby girl, I want to dress her up in all the awesome clothes I've bought her. Thanks to a good week at work a few weeks ago and some amazing coupons from Boston Store I am pretty sure this kid owns every single thing that Carter's has out right now. Her closet literally doesn't have anymore room.

Alright, well I've blogged enough to make up for the 3.5 months that I took off. I'm sure I've lost half my audience by now since no one cares about how many free boxes of dryer sheets I can get at Target. Here's to hoping this pregnancy is over sooner than later. I know the farmer would appreciate that as well. He might be more ready than I am. Especially to have his wife's pre-baby body back. Don't get upset, it's ok- I am SO ready for that too.

Til next time!
-The Farmer's Wife