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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Midnight Snack

Here on the farm, we don't take our Midnight Snacks lightly...litereally.

We just finished eating a full breakfast and it's 10 minutes to Midnight. Hmmm, that can't be good for my waistline. I'll just consider my 1.25 mile run today for nothing :(

We got home from Bible study tonight, not having eaten a full meal before we left the house and by 10pm Donny and I were both starving. We rummaged around and Donny decided that scrambled eggs and hash sounded good. So, an hour and a half later, here I sit - blogging over my cup of coffee, perfectly flavored with 1/2 and 1/2 and just a pinch of raw sugar, and a piece of cinnamon toast (in my opinion, the perfect breakfast dessert!) Although I did toy with the idea of my dad's famous chocolate milk and brown-sugar toast ... but we have no Hershey's syrup (note to self: add Hershey's syrup to the shopping list)

So tonight, our midnight snack [or perhaps-- more appropriate, our "bedtime snack"] consisted of country style hash browns, sauteed onions and green peppers, bacon and scrambled cheesy eggs. MMmmm MMMmmm! Good stuff. The eggs were farm fresh, of course! Now if only I could churn my own butter...

Sweet dreams!

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