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Friday, October 7, 2011

Silly Jealousy

I had the silliest jealousy today when I was eating lunch at Noodles & Co. in New Berlin with the cutest 2-year-old on earth.

I saw this super cool family eating lunch on the "patio" outside of the restaurant. There was a mom, a dad and a son (the cutest kind of families). They {in their ultimate coolness} had ordered lunch at Noodles, walked down to the Starbucks and ordered their favorite Frappuccinos to accompany their pasta dishes. All I could say was WOW. How cool is that?

I'm slightly jealous because this kind of awesome lunch date will never happen in our family, just simply because my husband, the farmer, despises coffee and anything to do with Starbucks. Bummer. Oh well, I tried to live vicariously through them while I watched them in sadness.

It was still a fun day, I shared a WI Mac n Cheese with chicken breast with my favorite 2-year-old. Headed to Target and then played at the park on what was another fantastic October day! Wow this weather is awesome.

All-in-all no complaints, just hoping someday not only could we afford (because if you think about it 3 noodles dishes and 3 frappuccinos probably cost between $30 & $40-YIKES!) but that the farmer would find a way to enjoy a yummy {coffee free} Frappuccino over some delish Noodles & Co...in my opion the best fast food combination out there!

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