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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dress Dilemma

Weddings are so fun. I love the ceremony, the dinner and mostly the dancing-and of course celebrating with dear friends the joining of their lives as husband and wife. It's funny because whether it's your wedding, a friends wedding, whether you're standing up in the wedding or it's just an acquaintance getting married - what you wear can be completely stress-inducing. {at least for women, it is}

I am so excited to dress up, go on a date with my hubby and be toddler-less for an entire evening (thanks to some good friends who agreed to take Jack overnight). All while celebrating a wonderful event with two dear friends and family members.

Now I have a dilemma. In all my thriftiness, I picked up a really cute plain black dress from Target a couple months ago for $6.98. Enter brand new (tags-on) shoes from Goodwill for $4.99 and some shnazzy feather earrings and I have a completely cute wedding outfit for less than $20.00. But then I decided that maybe I want to try on a dress I've had in my closet-here comes the dilemma. Now I'm just not sure...so I have about 23 hours to decide. And so far the Farmer has been no help. When asked what he thought he said "they're OK" - wow, thanks for that inspiration.

Brown or Black?

On a more exciting note, the brown dress at the left I haven't worn in over two years, its a size 6 and it still fits! In my book, that is one post-baby victory worth bragging about!

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