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Friday, October 21, 2011

Shoe good to be true!

I fell upon MAJOR shoe good fortune today. As I was running errands, waiting for something to be made up for me at Office Max, Jack - in his infinite wisdom - asked me if we could go to Target! Oh do I know how to raise 'em! Just needing to waste a few minutes before we had to go pick up our order at Office Max, I quickly hit the shoe aisle (the clearance section, of course) and I stumbled upon these beauties. Yep, you're reading that right, $3.74-yes please. Even better news- they had my size! (which almost NEVER happens)


Then I got giddy when I saw these, hardly believing they'd have a 9. For some reason, these cute little ones usually only have like 11s and 5 1/2s left. One extreme or the other. And when I do happen to stumble upon a 9 it's usually because someone put them back in the wrong spot, or they're only 30% off (and I never pay retail or more than 50% off - unless I'm desperate) Things just kept getting better, I found a 9!
More good news:
75% off. Sold.

Wow, what a great day. Not to mention this final pair of keepers I picked up on Tuesday:
Online Item, returned - $8.48. Please and Thank you. You can see they're already scuffed a little, I've worn them almost a half dozen times since Tuesday (if that's even possible)

Put this week down in the books as "shoe good to be true". I came up with that all myself! Now I'm excited to hit the thrift stores next week (with some store credit that's burning a hole in my wallet) to find some coordinating threads for my new fall shoe collection. Money well-spent.

3 Pairs of Shoes < $20.00 = 1 Happy Shopper
The End.

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  1. Ange, you are so funny! I know i talk to yoi almost every day, but i forgot how good you were with words. I think you have found your next career in life...professional blogger. No joke, these are entertaining! I'm thinking you should create a fashion blog where you provide fashion advice for people trying to spend less...clearly a talent! Super cute shoes!