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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bah Humbug.

So the other day I was at the mall-just minding my own business, shopping with my son. When I encountered one of those old ladies who decides it's within her rights to offer very rude and inappropriate parenting tips. Until now, all I have is read about these people in magazines and on blogs-never had I actually crossed paths with one of these people. I seriously can't imagine someone seriously being that rude, seriously! Well folks. It's true, they are really out there. There really are old ladies that really think they really know more than you, really! It's un-be-lieve-able!

So I'm strolling Jack along in Kohl's minding my own business and Jack decides he's going to put his finger down and touch the wheels of his stroller. So I stopped and asked him to stop-and he looked at me, kind of smiled and kept doing it. So (this creepy old lady watching on) I said "No, no buddy, I don't want you to hurt your fingers! Please stop" and Jack looked up at me ready to sit back in his stroller when the old creep chimmed in "Not to mention how dirty those are! He almost put his finger in his mouth!"

Now up until this point I had watched her the whole time out of the corner of my eye, thinking 'Lady, there's nothing to see here...keep moving!' And when she spoke up I half thought she was kidding. But here comes the kicker. I said "Ok Jack that's enough, sit back." And he listened and just as we started to stroll on our way she had the audacity to say "I would strap him in, that's for sure."

OH snap! (Note: you have to imagine this lady sounding snarly and grumpy otherwise this really doesn't seem that bad, but seriously she thought she was like taking me to school on how to parent) I cheerfully replied "Thank you, but I DON'T need your parenting advice." OH but my blood was boiling. I kept going but every fiber in my being wanted to turn around, hunt that lady down and ask her why for heaven's sake it mattered to her! I mean for real? Why does she care. Why do people find it necessary to impose their thoughts about what is right and wrong. I mean I'm not gonna lie, I've seen many a parent in the store that I wanted to give the low-down on how to be a better parent. But do I? NO!

All I have to say is I bet that lady was a democrat.

She ruined my already ridiculous day, and Jack and I headed home, defeated and crabby. Praise the Lord for mercy and new days. We woke up on Wednesday refreshed and ready to conquer the world. And we did. Christmas shopping done, cookies and candies baked, bulletins printed and now on to the festivities!

Apologies to my friends and family, they will be getting their Christmas cards after Christmas this year-but definitely before New Years! After I mail everything off, I will post our picture and my letter on my blog. I want to give everyone a chance to get it in the mail before I post.

Merry Christmas everyone. Blessings to you and yours as you celebrate this joyful season!

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