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Friday, August 10, 2012

Carnival, Cocktails and Coincidence

{I wrote this in the chaos of preparations for Jack's party and forgot to post it...so here you go!}

So here I sit, like I said, 2.5 hours before the guests arrive to my carnival-a sweaty, hot mess with a cake in the oven, popcorn oil on the stove and a completely un-decorated front yard. Balloons have yet to be blown up, table cloths have yet to be spread, banners are not hung, and I'm sure by now my popcorn oil is burning up. Not to mention the gray sky and sprinkles that just stared. Seriously? In the middle of a drought and it rains on my party.

Oh well, time to move the party inside, I guess. Well-to get to my point quickly I have to throw together an indoor Carnival within the next 2 hours, shower, change and not look like a frazzled disaster. Good luck. Went to make my cake (yes I started baking the cake 2 hours before the party-I'm the queen of procrastination!) and couldn't find my pans. Had to call an audible and switch it to a star shaped cake - still completely appropriate for a carnival - no big deal, right? Well no kidding-30 seconds after I throw the star cake in the oven, I went in a cupboard to get the liquor out for my cocktail and behold- my cake pans, in the liquor cabinet? How's that for cocktails and coincidence.

Well, cheers to the carnival of the year-or what we hope is the resemblance of a carnival...or something.

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