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Friday, June 28, 2013

....and then there were 4

...Well it's been a hot minute.

I am pretty sure that last time I blogged I was miserable and pregnant and ready to be done (or kill someone). Luckily I was done before any lives were lost. At 39 weeks 6 days the Farmer and I welcomed our little Elle McKenzie into this world - which she would soon learn to hate. Our little Elle, while beautiful and aesthetically perfect, has quite a bitterness about her. I just know that she longs for the womb and really wishes she had never left. But who can blame her, really?

These first 6 weeks have been an adjustment, to say the least. Crying (or should I say, wailing) has been the soundtrack to our lives and our Elle is far from the perfect baby that her big brother was. And I am not kidding - her brother was the PERFECT baby. The only time I remember him being really inconsolable was when he was 2.5 months old and had an ear infection. An EAR INFECTION. Now, that type of crying is just commonplace with this child.

All kidding aside, she is beautiful and precious - she does smile occasionally - and she's my baby girl. I love her to pieces and I know this is just a season. The crying will subside and her sweetness will abound. She's healthy and growing and parents really can't ask for much more. I am blessed.

It's summer and there's lots going on at the farm. The Farmer is busy with lawns, the laundromat business has picked up quite a bit and I have found myself in the company of two demanding children pretty much 24/7. Life as a mom. Wonderful and tragic all at the same time. I miss going to the bathroom by myself, taking showers (what are those?) on a consistent basis, having energy to put on clothes that aren't in the yoga pants category, let alone put my hair into something other than a messy bun. Again, I am constantly reminded that this is a season - one in which I would be amiss if I desired anything but to spend it "...training my children in the way they should go"  (Proverbs 22:6). It is a blessing that I am able to spend this time at home with my children and I wouldn't want it any other way. But if I said it didn't make me weary, tired, emotional, physically and mentally stretched and overwhelmed, then I would not only be lying to you, but to myself. It's exhausting.

However, I will blink my eyes and soon be missing the cries, midnight feedings, morning snuggles, pitter patter of feet, and yes...even the endless, constant chatter of an almost-four-year-old. But in the mean time, the Farmer and I are looking forward to his birthday (well, he is not so much...he hits the BIG 3-0 in February) because it means a Vegas getaway for us (at least that's the plan).

Of course, as I write this my little princess is sleeping soundly in the swing next to me. There are certain points in my day when I look at her sleeping peacefully and I just say "really, child? REALLY?" Why can't you figure this out when it's midnight and I am exhausted and all I want to do is sleep. Unfortunately with a 4 year old I can't just sleep at 2 in the afternoon when princess can. That is probably the most frustrating thing about being a mom of 2. When it's just the one you can sleep whenever your little heart desires (or whenever your newborn will let you) 2 kids - not so much. Oh! Aaaand it takes you like 18 times longer to get out of the house. I honestly don't know how people with more than 2 kids ever get anywhere - not to mention on time. I mean it's like a comedy over here in the morning. I find myself seriously wondering if there are hidden cameras in my house and it's all a big joke.

BUT-and that's a big but. I can thank my 2 children for helping me shed the pounds a little more efficiently than the 1st time around. There is really no such thing as being lazy. Because if I am not bouncing a baby or playing a game, I am desperately trying to regain anything that resembles order in this house. It'll be a while before that's a reality. But I got pretty close today - and I am feeling pretty successful. It's really the only reason I could justify sitting down for 45 minutes to blog. The only other time I sit down at the computer for an extended period is to plan my couponing hauls - another seemingly impossible task with 2 children. The Baby Bjorn has helped immensely with that (shopping, that is).

So in short, there won't be any other bundles of joy joining the family here on the farm....like, EVER. We're totally maxed out and thanks to our Great God we've rounded out our bunch perfectly. One boy, one girl. That's all I prayed for - God is good, He is faithful and He listens. Can I get an amen?

Now I am focusing on other things as this summer wastes away. Like the genius that I am, I signed myself up for a 5K on August 17. I signed up when I was about 6 months pregnant thinking this would be the perfect way to force my butt back into shape. Well, it has forced me...but man I am anything but in shape.I'm getting there though, slow and steady. Thanks to Groupon I purchased a 2 month membership to Innovative in Franklin for only $27! What a steal, and it includes tanning, childcare and classes! I mean, seriously-FREE TANNING. I am going to feel like I am in high school again. Boom. If only I could look like I was in high school again - ha, that is the goal though...

...Well I really must return to planet earth and finish the dishes, figure out if/what the heck we are going to eat for dinner and finish my Double Double Daze planning for tomorrow. I am hoping to save some big bucks on our grocery bill this week and *fingers crossed* with only one child in tow.

Until next time on the farm (which will most likely be around Jack's birthday - when I am way too overwhelmed to do anything but waste precious time blogging) cheers to the freakin' weekend!

-The Farmer's Wife

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