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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wee morning hours

So as the mother of a newborn you would think being up at the wee hours of the morning would be commonplace. Well, not here on the farm. Our little Elle does do one thing right-sleep. She's has been sleeping through the night pretty much since she was 3 weeks old. Yes, I know that's amazing. But it's pretty much the standard around here. We don't put up with much less.

So this is the second night in a row I have found myself up into the wee hours of the morning completely unable to sleep. Which, as you can imagine, is SO frustrating! But as I laid in bed playing around on my iPod Jack came into my room upset because he had wet the bed (which almost never happens). He fell asleep on the way home from a sitter tonight and didn't have a chance to go to the bathroom before he went to bed. He is actually pretty good about waking up if he has to go but no nap today so the poor kid was probably so exhausted he didn't even know.

Anyways... Luckily I was already up so getting out of bed to fix his sheets and get him new jammies really wasn't that big of a deal. But putting him back to sleep, talking to him briefly about his time at the baby sitters, having him thank me for fixing his bed and then sweetly say "I love you mom" just melted my heart and left me tearfully grateful for this precious moment. God is so good. I look forward to more sweet moments with my beloved son and hoping that princess learns to be just as sweet as her big bro.

People have told me that there is nothing quite like the relationship between a mother and a son. And they are right, there isn't! I also hope for the Farmers sake that he can enjoy the same father daughter bond relative to the bond that Jack and I share.

So, good night from the farm. Signing off from my iPod - The Farmer's Wife
( that was a lot to type on a miniature touch screen keypad! )

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