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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pirate Party Take 2!

Well, it wouldn't be August 7 without my annual blog post about my birthday boy! Remember after last years party I joked about having to plan 2 parties this year...who knew that'd come true!? Although I don't really have to plan two parties until NEXT year...but you know what I mean.

So Jack is 4 today. Man, that went fast. Time sure does fly. There. I said it. Again. I pretty much should just rename my blog "Time Flies" because I say it at least 3 times in every post. But for real. It does.

My little birthday boy requested a Pirate Party this year, which is funny because I threw him a Pirate Party for his 1st birthday, 3 years ago. Man times flies...haha just kidding. You thought I was crazy for a second, didn't you?

So when he asked for a Jake & the Neverland Pirates party this year I was a little hesitant, but he's finally old enough to tell me what he wants, so I thought "what the heck" let's do it again!

I mean he was so stinkin cute the first time around, I figured he's be pretty stinkin cute this time too! And I was right...

Fortunately for me this year has gone a lot more smoothly as far as preparing for the party. I scaled it WAY back, since the farmer and I want to throw an all out bash for his 5th next year...and I all but filed us for bankruptcy after last years "carnival". I think the farmer still has nightmares about that credit card bill...

I'll do my best to post some pictures  post-party. For now I need to go draw up a treasure map and fill some water balloons. Maybe I'll vacuum, or maybe I'll just hope no one looks that close...yep, probably that one.

I have to say that Jack is just the sweetest kid, he's so grateful! I did one of those pinterest plastic table cloth streamer decoration things...did anyone understand that? Anyways, I was working on it and Jack came over, watched for a minute and said "Wow, Mom. That looks great!" A little while later after the tables were all set up and decorated he said again, "Mom, the tables look great! Thank you!" I mean seriously, I can't make this stuff up if I tried. He's just so precious to me. I hope he has a great day and enjoys his pirate party! I just love that kid!

The Farmer's [much less-frazzled] Wife

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