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Sunday, May 11, 2014

#BestMothersDayEver #LifeToldThroughProfilePictures

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there. I also have to say that I love all the Meme's and eCard-esque photo Facebook things that commemorate moms who have gone before us, moms that have lost children, moms that long to be...all moms whatever your circumstance. You are loved and appreciated. You are awesome.

So today is mother's day. I didn't do much...but it was one of the best mother's days ever. Last mother's day I was enormously pregnant and miserable...so there's that. This year I have two beautiful reason's to celebrate being a mom. They are both entirely unique and perfect in their own ways. The farmer so kindly let me pick out and buy my own gift -which was honestly a gift in and of itself! He has been so busy that he confessed last night that he just didn't have time to buy one or even think of anything to get me. I stepped up and said I'd take Jack to Target and let him pick something out for me. Then I strongly suggested a Starbucks gift card. So I got an awesome gift...kudos to the farmer for just admitting he had nothing and letting me pick out my own. Hashtag ItsTheThoughtThatCounts. I mean for real. I'd way rather have a starbucks giftcard than some afterthought of a halfhearted gift because he just forgot and ran out of time. So well played, Farmer. Man points for you!

We went to church, which I sincerely look forward to each week...CrossPoint Church is where it's at! I am excited to go to sleep on Saturday nights because I love Sunday mornings. They are the best. So I got to spend the morning serving the Lord and seeing my church family. And after church we went to my mom's to have lunch, play and relax. The kids played outside, we spent time with Grandma and when the farmer was done with work surprisingly early I got to leave for an hour or two to spend some time with him (kiddo's were asleep at grandmas!) then we had a delicious dinner ala chef Grandpa. Beef tenderloin, grilled shrimp, cauliflower and potatoes. Yum! And my sis brought this amazing Simma's Cheesecake for dessert. Then we came home, promptly put princess to bed, built a bonfire on the driveway - spent a few last minutes with Jack, sent him to bed and I got to  spend the rest of the night with the farmer. So, in short, my mother's day was fantastic. I enjoyed the company of my favorite people, ate great food, drank wine and now I'm on track to be in bed before midnight. Life doesn't get much better than that.

But as I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed tonight I decided to go through my own pictures and look for one of me and both my kids. The only one I could find was right after Elle was born and I was still very bloated from pregnancy...ew. But I made a crazy conclusion that you can really tell the story of your life through your profile pictures (depending on how long you've had Facebook, that is) I've had a Facebook account since I was a freshman in college- 2004. That's 10 whole years that I've been on Facebook. Holy cow. But really, when you scroll through your profile pictures you can see how your life and your priorities have changed. Case in point:
My like 5th ever profile picture. Our dogs. That was what we lived for. Our sweet Lola girl. Look how well dressed we are. I mean, look how clean the Farmer looks. And Reggie. He looks clean too. Oh sweet Lola. We miss her so.

But really, February 2007 this was what our world revolved around.

Flash forward to December 2007. 
Our first Christmas as a married couple. I remember feeling fat in this picture. And now I look back and think Dang! I looked good! How could I have possibly felt fat in that picture!? And why does the Farmer look like an Army recruit? He for sure still wears that shirt. But seriously, I DO NOT look fat. I mean, NOW I'm fat...NO WAY was I fat then!

Ok, flash forward another few months to April 2008:
We bought and sold our first home together. This was my PROFILE PICTURE. Clearly I was obsessed with my home. It was awesome, though. This house is, and probably will forever be, one of our absolute favorites. It was amazing. The farmer rehabbed it amazingly and it had the most awesome view of Waukesha county. It was truly one of a kind! Cleary, though...this was my priority.

And in August of 2009 it all changed:
I became a mom. But even before that, it changed...check out March of 2009:

Before he was born he was a profile picture. And now my profile pictures are dominated by my children. And that's a beautiful thing. Before I had children, my profile was dominated by my houses and my dogs. But now life has become so much more than that.

I don't know why this seems so profound to me right now. But children change you - obviously. But really, they make you stronger and weaker all at the same time. You bear burdens you never thought possible but your heart breaks in a whole new way. You struggle for a whole new reason. Your existence becomes about something new entirely. You don't live for yourself anymore. In fact, you don't even quite matter anymore. If they are happy, content, breathing...then your job is done. And you are satisfied. 

All this to say...mom's we have one of the hardest, most demanding jobs on the planet. And I know not a single one of you would trade it for anything. You want nothing but absolutely everything for your child. And that's what makes you (us) awesome. Love. So Happy Mother's Day. To moms everywhere.To those who have lost a mom, to mom's who have lost a child. To those who long to be a mom and for those who are mom's every day. The one's in the trenches. Wiping tears and butts and picking up the messes. Happy Mother's Day to you. You're awesome.

The Farmer's Wife
(and if not for the Farmer I wouldn't be a mom!)

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