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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Avocado Cucumber Relish Awesomeness

Well, here I go again. On a blogging spree.

I did a middle-of-the-night-diaper-change-slash-feeding tonight (at 11pm, which is really not the "middle of the night" for me - 6 am is more like "middle of the night" here on the farm, but whatever, you get the idea.) Princess is usually in bed and out cold from like 7-7 at the very least. Sometimes more like 8-8, but I digress. Lately she's been restless, easily woken. I think she's just teething. But she was screaming tonight, well after she'd been asleep. I rushed to her aid and she was soaked, so I changed her and decided to give her a small bottle to calm her. It seemed to work, she's back sleeping soundly again. But that's not my point.

I am awake, here...in this quiet house. Farmer is asleep, he's got a long day ahead of him. So I've been meaning to share this amazing recipe I use frequently on the farm. I'm not sure why I feel like I need to share it, but that's what bloggers do, after all, right? They post stuff about what they do. And Avocado-Cucumber Relish is what I do.


If I could eat it on every meal I would. But the farmer would get sick of that. Real quick.

It is pure awesomeness.

But my problem is I don't really have "recipes". I just throw a bunch of stuff together and mix it all up and taste test it until it's perfect. That makes sense, right? Then I never write down what I did so that I might never be able to replicate it ever again. Perfect sense.

So I take a little red onion, chopped to somewhere between a dice and mince. Throw in a little diced Roma tomato, a whole avocado and about a half a cucumber (both diced), a couple squeezes of lime juice, a liberal (not the political kind) sprinkle of salt and voila! There you have it: Avocado Cucumber Relish. Yum.

But for real.

About 1/2 small Red Onion (diced)
1 Roma Tomato (diced)
1/2 cucumber (diced)
1 avocado (diced)
Squeeze of Lime
Kosher Salt (to taste)

You mix this stuff up and add it to lots of stuff. Mainly Mexican cuisine, but honestly, you can just eat it by the spoonful. It's that good.

We had steak tacos the other night:
So yummy. And you're thinking - wow, fancy...steak tacos! Nope. I'm talking $5.99 cheap-o steaks from Target. Yep...TARGET! You coat those babies with a little Kosher salt, let them sit at room temp for a little bit before you pan sear them and you got yourself one cheap steak dinner. Sautee a little red onion, red bell pepper and garlic, pan sear those bad boys in a little olive oil and you have dinner faster than you ever thought possible. 

We don't believe in crock pots here on the farm...so I have to find creative ways to make dinner appear very quickly. Thanks to price matching my produce this meal cost us a whopping 8ish dollars. And that was 4 tacos for both the farmer and I each, plus I had a steak left over to make him steak quesadillas with tonight. Mind you we had Lay's potato chips as a side dish, but I made STEAK TACOS...let's not forget that.

I have also used my Avocado Cucumber Relish on:

Tacoish Salad (top) and Steak Quesadillas (bottom). A little bed of lettuce - or greens - relish and your seared steak on top. Perfect salad, good with left over steak served cold. Also, the aforementioned steak quesadillas. Monterrey Jack Cheese, flour tortilla, red bell pepper, red onion- melted together in a flavorful medley sure to please your palate. Topped off with some yummy relish as a garnish. Mmm Mmm.

I did also put this relish on some shrimp tacos the other day-which was equally as fantastic. It's really suitable for any type of taco, if we're being honest. Eat it with tortilla chips as guac, too. Or as an additional garnish for your nachos. Whatever, eat it with eggs for breakfast...or on a baguette...on potatoes? That could work, like baked potato bar...sub it for salsa. Yep. N - E - THING. It's so good. I promise you'll love it. And if you don't., it sure isn't my fault.

Ok, it's late. I'm getting sassy. But seriously. Try this out. And don't pay full price for your produce. Take your Aldi ad to your local Walmart and price match. Or go to Aldi, they have fantastic produce...but Walmart accepts all major credit cards. So there's that.

Ok, happy cooking. Good night, from the Farm.

-The Farmer's Wife

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