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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Inside Out: My Transformation, Part 1

Well hey!
Welcome to my second post of 2016...it only took me 6 months to write another. 
I started thinking about resurrecting my blog yesterday, when this popped up in my Facebook memories:Before & After - a post I proudly wrote on the heels of a little bit of weight loss back in 2011. I was 2 years postpartum and I was super excited about finally getting off the baby weight. LOL. Way to go, Ange. 

August 2009 >> August 2011

But seriously, I was so proud of being active again. I started running and basically just ate less. In hindsight, I was actually still pretty unhealthy and I was only concerned with seeing a certain number on the scale. I didn't care about being strong, I didn't even concern myself too much with having abs or muscle definition. Fast forward to 2016 and so many things have changed about how I look at my body. From what I fuel it with to how I strengthen it. I haven't cared about the number on the scale in quite some time, I eat more than I ever have and I fit in smaller sizes than every before in my adult life. Like, literally ever. 

Recently, I have been so encouraged by many friends who send me messages me DMs telling me how I "inspire them". They want to know my "secrets" and I haven't ever been more flattered. Thank you, really! I'm so happy to share my successes with others because my whole goal this entire time was to get fit and be healthy without expensive pills, shakes, exercise programs, gym memberships, etc. I wanted to prove to the world that I could, in fact, do this myself. Armed with Google, Pinterest and a few inexpensive pieces of equipment that I have literally picked up at rummage sales and even borrowed from other people, I am on my way to attaining the body and the level of health that I've always wanted. I am so excited to let you in on my not-so-secret "secrets". 

My first non-secret is that you have to want it. I mean really WANT IT. I used to want to be skinny, weigh a magical number that would put me in some "skinny" girl category. I wanted it, but I wasn't willing to put in the work, and so as it turned out, I didn't really want it, that bad. Once I made up in my mind that I was going to do this "healthy" thing, and like, really do it, it was like a switch flipped. I started slowly, with my diet and removed one unhealthy thing at a time. Once I had mastered not having X, Y or Z in my diet, I moved on to the next thing. After about 6 months (yes, it took that long) I was eating totally clean, whole, nutrient dense foods, with the occasional cheat meal here and there. The key, though is to not have too many "cheats" in the beginning. It is important to get your brain and your body weaned off of these processed-sugar-laden foods. Once the cravings stop you won't really want it, and if you do indulge occasionally, you'll be taking a lesser risk of a "relapse" or binge. 

For your reference, I started with gluten. I went gluten-free, then I cut soda and juice. Then I cut out candy and sweets (which for me weren't that big of a deal, but still needed to be addressed). Finally, I cut out any other processed foods/snacks. My biggest weakness was (and still is) potato chips and salty snacks. So that was my last thing, I let myself hang on to it for as long as I could. By the time I had cut everything else out, my body started to feel so good, that cutting those last things out wasn't really that big of a deal. And let me tell you, when I do indulge in Doritos every once in a while - they are so, so yummy. But I can stomach like 8 before I have had enough. I have found balance, and therein lies the key to your success - BALANCE. 

Once I had mastered the eating, I began slowly to add regular exercise to my daily routine. My goal at first was to exercise for anywhere from 15-30 minutes a day for 4 days a week. I used an app called Sworkit  - free on Google Play or iTunes. You can pick which area of your body you'd like to target and how long you'd like your workout to be. Pair this with your Pandora radio and you've got yourself a home gym! Have kids? You also have free weights. I would throw my kiddos on my shoulders when doing calf raises or squats for added resistance. This app was such a great way to get started. I wasn't in any shape to be doing the kind of high-intensity workouts that I do nowadays, but it was a perfect way for me to get my toes wet!

In review, if this type of lifestyle is so far from what your norm is, it's important to take things slowly. For perspective, I started my clean eating journey in December of 2014...so we're coming up on 2 years. I began adding exercise in June of 2015 and in July of 2015 I began my own version of the 21-day Fix. This is where I started to see some serious results. 

....More on that soon - I can't give you all the good stuff in one post! 

I promise it ends well - I'm almost 2 years into my journey and I look and feel better than ever. I'm so happy to know that my story has resonated with so many of my friends and helped them work toward a healthier version of themselves. 

I started a dedicated fitness Instagram account, give me a follow! @farmerswife_fitlife where I post food, progress photos and more! 

I can remember a post hoping to one day sign off as "the Farmer's Fit Wife" - and well, I'm happy to report that day has come!

Good night from Spielman Farms,
The Farmer's Fit Wife

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