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Monday, October 15, 2012

Proud Pinterest Moment!

Today I had what I like to call a "proud Pinterest moment". I found a recipe on Pinterest, purchased ingredients and was able to near-perfectly replicate it!

Jack and I started our morning with an episode of our favorite show-Curious George-an episode in which he and Professor Wiseman bake muffins for a bake sale. It's amazing how an episode of Curious George can inspire creativity. Anyways, I had an itch to bake afterwards and have been wanting to try a Pinterest recipe for Brown Butter Pumpkin Muffins for a while now. I am actually taking them to a church mom's group called TIME OUT on Wednesday-but wanted to test them out before subjecting all my mom friends to some random recipe.

Well, success! They look good, smell good and taste great! And here's the kicker- I don't even like pumpkin! Jack was a huge help-he measured, poured and mixed most of the ingredients (with a little help, of course!) and he was so proud of himself for baking muffins "just like George". It's exciting to see your children have moments where they realize they can do things on their own. He actually said to me "Mom, I love baking with you"-that made it totally worth the powdered sugar disaster in my kitchen right now!

Here's the Pinterest inspired cupcake:

And here's my rendition:

I even managed to find my grandma's Wilton cupcake frosting tip. I guess I should have taken the wrapper off before taking the picture so you could see the amazing carmel/orange color of these muffins. My whole house smells so awesome right now-another bonus to baking! If you'd like the recipe, you can find it at Baked Perfection a blog dedicated to recipes and baking! This girl was right, this recipe was worth repeating! Not to mention the cinnamon cream cheese frosting. I can't wait to take these to TIME OUT on Wednesday, I think they're going to be a huge hit!

Oh-I almost forgot, remember the Pin about how to seal your bags? Let me refresh your memory:
Seriously, it blew my mind, too! I can never seal my powdered sugar bag well enough, and the next time I go to use it, it always seems stale to me. So-BADA BING!
Pinterest to the rescue, again. What would we do without Pinterest?
Other than have our precious time back, that is.
Hopefully this recipe will help you kick off the fall season, they'd make a great alternative to Pumpkin Pie on Thanksgiving, or just a good treat to make for any fall gathering. I plan to make them more than once! Happy Baking, from the Farm.
-The Farmer's Wife

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  1. ooooh they look great! I have a pumpkin recipe that I had to stop making because we would eat them at an absurd rate. These look even more dangerous!