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Welcome to my blog. I'm a full-time mommy of a 4-year-old & a 0-year-old, part-time waitress and a rookie blogger. Living on a farm with my son, daughter and husband among dogs, chickens, ducks and other various wildlife keeps life interesting and anything but normal!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


In the silence of nap time, snuggling on the couch with my little Jack in my arms, I realized how completely ridiculous my previous post was. However, I'm still not sure about more children, it was this special nap time that I realized how much I cherish the relationship I have with my son. We sang Sunday school songs softly, talked about our special days together and finally he fell asleep after doing "ticky tick" snuggled warm in my arms. I'm sure you can love all your children equally, but I'm not sure I want to ever lose the special relationship that I have with Jack. I don't think I would have the time or energy to give him all the attention I do if I had another baby around. So, here's to waiting until Kindergarten rolls around to think about adding another Spielman to the clan. Jack did ask me during our little nap time snuggle session if there was a baby in my belly like Auntie Melissa and Auntie Vicki and I told him no. Then he so wisely told me that we had to go find God and Jesus and tell them to put two babies in my belly. (I swear I did not put him up to it-he said it all on his own!!) Alright, this crazy mom is going to sign off for now-time to run errands and get a little fresh air on this oh-so-beautiful spring day!

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