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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More children? I don't think so...

Reasons why Jack might be an only child:

I've always wanted at least one more child, however this morning that changed. When I realized having more than one child in my home induces incredible amounts of stress. My house is a disaster, I'm constantly tearing kids off of each other, asking them to stop and telling them "no". I'm sure if you were a fly on the wall right now you'd be like "girl, you're crazy, these kids are just normal kids" - I agree, they're not terribly naughty and they do listen...but for whatever reason right now I really have no desire to ever have another child. I really hope this is temporary-I'll admit I have a very bad attitude right now, so maybe this is all just an outward expression of my poor attitude. All I know is this is not my normal Tuesday with Jack and Parkside. Quiet, delicious cuisine, good company-my how things can change in a week. Not to mention all the extra spit and snot and diapers. Ew.

Aaaand, for whatever reason kids have this fascination with my dogs, Amos and Lola. Amos and Lola are NOT kid dogs. They want nothing to do with kids, and I'm pretty sure Lola was having a full blown panic attack until I sent her outside. Amos is very cute and looks like a little baby puppy but the truth of the matter is he's a crabby old Chihuahua who wants to sit on my lap or on his bed and sleep, all day. Kids want to touch him and hold him and pet him and pull his ears, Amos will have none of it. Luckily for Jack, he's generous with his meals and Amos has taken a liking to Jack for the simple fact that he know's he can always get a morsle or two off Jack's plate.

Oh, and there's been way too much jumping on beds for me to handle in one day, already. And it's only 10:40am . T minus 2 hours til nap time, and that's because I'm putting them down 1/2 hour early.

Alright, I'm done complaining. Thanks for taking the time to listen (as if you had a choice).


  1. yep you have to pull them off each other but you also get to watch them sit and laugh and laugh with each at a joke you must have missed entirely. You'll know what is right for you plenty of time to decide!

  2. Thanks for your comment. That post was a moment of weakness, a way of venting. I'm sure in a couple months I'll be back on the "I want another baby" train...lol.