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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday Lunch Dates with Jack (and a shameless plug for Parkside 23)

Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week. Jack and I head to Parkside 23 (the awesome resaturant that employs me) for a weekly lunch date. It's important to me for Jack to understand how to behave in public and in restaurants. I frequented restaurants as a child with my parents and sister and we were instilled with manners and proper behavior in a formal and informal dining setting. Now being in the business, it's even more important for my child to have these skills. As a waitress there is nothing I hate more than the table of rowdy children who cannot sit still and cannot be quiet.

Please don't misunderstand me. I know not everyone can take their children out and wine and dine them. I get that, it's expensive. But you should know whether or not your child can handle being in a formal dining setting. You try and take your kid out once a year for their birthday to a nice restaurant and expect them to behave and act appropriate, it's not gonna happen. Just go to Chuck E Cheese-we all thank you in advance.

Also my biggest pet-peeve about children in restaurants: when your kid is clearly in high school and you're still ordering his food. SERIOUSLY!? My two year old can order his own food. There's a difference between my standard and others, I know. But honestly if your child can read their menu, they should be able to tell the server what they want. What happens when your child is on a date and they can't order their own food-when they're like 21? Then what? Or they don't know how they like their meat cooked...what do they do then, text their mom? C'mon.

Well, I've digressed from my original topic. Sorry for the ranting. I wanted to tell you all about how much I love Tuesdays with Jack. A fun lunch with my little guy, teaching him the importance of manners and patience in a restaurant. Good food, good company. Yesterday's menu included Broccoli Cheese soup and a Burger with Cheese (cooked Medium) and a Root Beer Float. Yum. And that's cranberry juice next to Jack FYI.

Some people think it's strange that I would take a 2-year-old to a somewhat "fancy" restaurant and not just hit McDonalds. Honestly, McDonalds is gross. Also, Jack doesn't eat vegetables ever, so if I can get him to eat a bowl of pureed broccoli soup - that I know is made from whole ingredients because I watched the Chef cook it...then I win the war on nutrition. Also, being an employee I get the advantage of 50% off my meal which means it probably cost me the same as going to McDonalds and getting two "value" meals. Win-Win. And it's delicious, healthy, and yummy. Did I mention I really like the food?

So that's the story of Jack and Mommy on Tuesdays. Now it's 2 on Wednesday and that means it's time to get ready for work. 1/2 Price Bottles of Wine all day. GREAT deal. We have awesome specials too, Pan-seared striped bass served over a sautee of fingerling potatoes, wild mushrooms, shallots and asparagus with citrus buerre blanc, and yellow squash and zucchini tossed in citrus vinegrette. Pepper-crusted beef tenderloin, sweet potato mash, sauteed green beans and red wine syrup. Meatloaf-mashed potatoes, veggies and diane sauce (it's SO good), Broccoli Cheese soup=AMAZING.


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