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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Recipes, Fires & Hot Coffee

My Facebook news feed has been blowing up with everyone's fall recipes with pumpkins, apples and tales of pumpkin farms and apple orchards, so I couldn't help but jump on the bandwagon.

However all I had in the fridge was 3 Honey Crisp apples. But I had to try. Chopped apples. Sprinkled cinnamon sugar. Poured in pie plate. Topped with brown sugar, flour and butter crumble topping. Baked for some amount of time that I'm not really sure of. And while it was baking I made this amazing caramel *whiskey* sauce. Yes. I just said that. Caramel. Whiskey. Sauce. Because if there is something better than apple crisp on a fall day it's apple crisp with caramel whiskey sauce.

Of course the alcohol gets cooked off but it leaves this rich flavor that is fabulous! I just found a simple caramel sauce recipe from Pinterest and doctored it up. I am pretty impressed with myself that I actually have enough culinary knowledge to just kind of wing it when it comes to things like that. I wasn't 100% confident in my ability to create something edible, but now that I accomplished it I will be a little more liberal in my attempts to "doctor" recipes.

Haven't eaten it yet (well, I haven't had my serving yet - I've definitely sneaked a few tastes!) but I just warmed up my Keurig and I'm going to have a piece of apple crisp with caramel whiskey sauce with a hot cup of coffee and finish up some emails in front of the fireplace.

[right after I clean up - per the farmer's request] I left him with Princess for some daddy-daughter bonding time while I baked my apple creation and he quickly retreated to the garage to find a project to do...he's just not into babies. He actually admitted to me yesterday that he often forgets that we have two children. [sigh]

So now there's a 20x20 square hole in my wall and he's installing vents so that the fireplace heat will make its way into Jack's room so we don't have to thaw him out every morning this winter. And I get the lovely task of picking up the drywall pieces and vacuuming the dust. Yay.

Happy Fall from the Farm,

The Farmer's Wife

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