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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The week in review...

Well, it's been a week since I sat down and wrote my little rant on my failures to be a health nut. So what have I learned? Well, I decided not to go all gung-ho with this because I knew I would burn myself out sooner than later and that was confirmed. The first three days of this week were a clean eating success. I ate fresh fuits and veggies at every meal and didn't indulge in a single processed food or drink! Then Thursday happened.

Thursday was one of those days when I just said screw it. I ran around doing errands all day, all while attempting to be healthy - I packed my apple and peanut butter snack, ate a healthy protien filled breakfast of eggs and veggies. But as I ran around doing errands for both the farmer and Cross Point Church with two kids in tow, I had a moment of weakness. One of our errands actually put us out on 164 & West in Waukesha...and anyone that knows me well enough - which may actually be no one - knows that whenever I'm in Waukesha - ESPECIALLY if I'm on West - I NEED to go to...

TACO JOHNS. Potato Oles. Yum. Nostalgia.

So I caved and shared some Potato Oles with Jack...and they just aren't the same without the totally evil nacho cheese dipping sauce. I mean if there isn't a more processed thing than nacho cheese dipping sauce. Seriously. But it was good. I mean SO good.

So really that wasn't too bad...it was just one little treat. Dinner that night was left overs from the various meals I had made. I never got around to making the chili - so that one will be carried over to next weeks menu. Friday was another OK day. Again I was crazy busy running all over the place. I had a burger at PS23 for lunch because I ran an errand out that way...it was a burger but it was grassfed beef -that has to count for something, right? And the ranch I dipped it in was not hidden valley, it was homemade ... that also gives me "clean" points, right? Haha, I just keep justifying it to myself. Oh well, I cheated two days. But other than those two little blips I think I did a pretty good job.

If nothing else I at least put more thought into what I ate and when I ate it. I was much more concious of the snacks I chose and the ingredients on the label. I even drank just plain coffee at Starbucks instead of the crazy high calorie White Chocolate Mochas I usually order or the Vanilla Lattes with a bajillion grams of fat. I even went so far as to have soy milk added instead of half and half. Now you know I'm serious when my coffee gets involved. I did my best to choose whole foods over processed ones. And so in my book this week was a victory. This is going to be a transition, not an over night conversion.

What I want to know is...don't all you health nuts out there ever just have a day when you flip out and say "screw it, I'm just having a Snickers bar"? Because truth be told I just ate a candy bar while I wrote this post. But it's just been one of those days. I've been working since I woke up, and I have 45 minutes of silence at the office  by myself - which almost never happens. And I decided that I deserved a candy bar. That is all.

Here's to week 2 coming more naturally to me, less temptation to eat silly things like candy bars and potato ole's, and more motivation to get my butt in shape. This week I'm going to add a work out schedule to my plan. Yikes.

-The Farmer's Wife

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