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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spaghetti Squash = Mind Blown

Ground Turkey &Veggies
Clean Chicken Tacos
As day 2 of my clean eating journey comes to a close I have a few reflections/confessions.

I'll start with confessions:
1. I ate a string cheese as a snack
2. I used a little bit of butter to saute some veggies

...phew! Glad I got that off my chest. Other than that today has been great. I started with my breakfast of avocado and a hard boiled egg. The avocado was creamy and delicious today - not hard and nasty like yesterdays. I had a snack of apples and peanut butter around 1pm then when I got home from my staff meeting at church I started cooking - which is something that I seriously love to do. Fall might be the start of some serious cooking - now that summer is winding down and being outside will soon be less and less.
Finished Meat Sauce

I think I swapped the order of my original menu, but I forgot to soak the black beans last night and so I decided to hold off on making the chili. I probably will make chili on Thursday since I work a dinner shift tomorrow PM.  Oh, aaaaand I made spaghetti squash to eat with my homemade Paleo meat sauce. Now I'm not trying to go straight Paleo just yet, but I am going to try out some Paleo recipes here and there in hopes of making a slow transition being completely Paleo. The spaghetti squash was SO yummy. A little watery but a really awesome substitute for pasta! The farmer even sucked it up and tried some...he wasn't really convinced - but I commend him for trying. I offered to make him noodles but he was starving so he just ate- he said, and I quote "It tastes like flavored water" ... I'm really not sure how to take that...but I guess I'm just glad he tried it. I think I am going to check out how to make zoodles  next - which is like noodles made with zucchini because that seems interesting and I LOVE zucchini!

I did most of the prep for making the meat sauce last night while I my chicken was simmering. Which made it super easy to make this sauce. I just sauteed the onion, added the ground turkey to the stock pot and browned it with the onions. Oh-and remember my giant tub of already-minced-just-throw-it-in-the-pan garlic...I left it out last night by accident and it's totally spoiled. Grrrr! So I had to make some garlic powder work - it did the trick. I seasoned the turkey and onions with just a dash of coarse sea salt and some garlic powder. Then drained the meat while heating some more olive oil in the bottom of my stock pot (which I've quickly learned to love - best Christmas present ever) Once the oil was heated I threw in all the veggies I had prepped last night (zucchini, red bell pepper & mushrooms) cooked them until they were soft and then added my meat back to the pot. I threw in some dried herbs for flavor and mixed it all together with the can of crushed tomatoes. Then just let it simmer on low for a couple hours. It was DElish.

Ok, time for another confession: I ate my fill at dinner but only an hour later I was hungry again. So I decided to warm up a small bowl of just the meat sauce and made it unPaleo by adding a little freshly grated Parmesan cheese on top...yum! Then after I finished my little bowl of meat sauce I was still hungry...this is where the butter came in. Sauteed mushrooms have got to be one of my favorite things in life. Seriously if you're one of those people that turns their nose up and makes a face at mushrooms, I just don't understand you. They are SO delicious. So I threw some butter, olive oil, mushrooms and asparagus into my sautee pan and was seriously eating them out of the pan before they were done I was so excited. But now I have a burnt tongue from eating blistering hot mushrooms. But my belly is full and I made it through another day of this little experiment.

So I need to get out to the chicken coop to get more eggs because I am currently unsure of what I will eat for breakfast if I don't have eggs...lunch will probably be some sort of my left overs (today I had lettuce wraps with the left over chicken from last night, they were also very yummy) and since I'll be at work tomorrow night I'll most likely pack another salad and get some yummy Caesar dressing as a treat! MMMmmm I can already taste it. Ok, time for bed because now I'm thinking about food...ugh - and so it starts.

 thank you Pinterest - you saved the day, again.
Cut lengthwise and scoop out seeds.

 Drizzle with EVOO & give a sprinkle of sea salt place flesh side down on baking sheet
Roast in oven @ 400 for 45ish minutes, until its soft. Use a fork to pull the strands out- serve with sauce. YUM

Please excuse my plastic plate...ew.

PS - would it be super terrible of me to have a beer? Or maybe a "skinny" margarita - tequila & fresh squeezed lime...or a gimlet - hmmm... 

The Farmers Wife

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