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Monday, July 25, 2011

Family Camping Weekend in Pictures

 Jack and Caleb hanging out while the mommy's and daddy's set-up camp! Jack looks slightly more excited about the idea of camping than his dear cousin, Caleb.

The older boys were ready to swim! Thanks to Grandma Sharon, all the kids had lots of toys to swim with.

Donny and Morgan, attempting to fix Grandpa Don's new fan, while Jack looks on, wanting to help.

Stacking the innertubes on Morgan proved to be a very entertaining game-for everyone!

Brooke wanted to be part of the fun.

An annual camping tradition. 2 years ago it started when Melissa and I were majorly pregnant with our now 2-year-old boys, Jack and Caleb. This will be a tradition until they have their own wives and children, whether they like it or not!

Family Photo: easier said than done. But good enough.

Jack would swim all day if he could.

Perfect shot of Caleb. Cute little blondie.

Picture of Jack and Mommy: impossible. This was as close as we got.

Picture of Jack and Daddy: close, but no cigar.

Buddies since birth, literally. They love each other and it's so sweet to watch them play together.

Girlfriends, who just happen to be cousins. Hailey and Morgan will always share a close bond. Two of the sweetest 5-year-olds you'll ever know.

Photo of 8 kids under the age of 7. Not bad.

Put your arms up if you're a Spielman!

For a second, no one was watching Jack and he actually just floated out on his little innertube way farther than he should have been. No worries though, we got him safely back to shore.

Probably my least favorite part of this camping trip^ Jack woke up Saturday morning covered in some type of bug bites. Not a single one of us had mosquito bite or had even seen a mosquito for that matter so we're not really sure what happened. But something was in his bed biting him continually. His legs, arms, face and neck were covered in these little red bumps. Poor kiddo has been scratching them raw-but was surprisingly upbeat despite this unfortunate turn of events.

Two little buddies playing in the sand. Pretty self-explanitory.

Boys will be boys-always playing with toys.

All packed up and heading for home. We didn't even get off the camp grounds before Jack fell asleep.
Lots of swimming, sand-castle-building, running, splashing, and camping in general will zonk you out faster than you can say Black Hawk Lake.

Family camping was a success. Jack had a great time with all his cousins, we enjoyed some fun family fellowship and lots of good food. The only thing I'm going to try to do better next year is taking more pictures. There is so much we did that I didn't capture-and I enjoy comparing pictures from year-to-year and I took way more pictures last year. Luckily we have years and years ahead of fun family camp-outs.

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